Monday, April 11, 2011

A lot has happened...

Hey. I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a way long time. I guess I kind of forgot about it. Plus I never felt like it. /:
A lot has happened since I last wrote. I finished round 4 of my chemo last week. Cis Platin and Doxirubussin(?) kick my butt... I got way sick when I was in the hospital. I was drugged the entire time so I don't remember a lot. I do remember them giving me Benadryl. Um... bad idea. I get jumpy legs and my body just feels out of place. I feel like I'm not even in my body? And my hands shake and I just feel like i'm having a seizure or something. It really scares me. I don't care how sick I get I'm never having that again.
For my 3rd round of chemo I got to come home to 4 little suprises. :)
Lilly had her puppies. They are adorable. 3 girls and 1 boy. I'm pretty sure all of them are sold though. I think I'm keeping the boy. I really want to keep one. He's cute. He's laying on my chest right now actually and he's making cute little squeaky noises. :)
Little Lucy thought she was the mommy. :)

Miss Babysitter Lucy Girl :)

They always cuddle like this. :)

The cute little boy. He has the cutest face!

Hehe :) The litle boy.
Here are some pictures of the puppies that I took today.
Girl #1

Girl #2 :)
My little guy :)
Girl #3 :)

Momma Lilly :)
On Saturday I went to Murray with the Murray family (my best friend) and we went to Fashion Place Mall and shopped all day and then we stayed in a hotel that night.Me and Haley even got our own room! :) It was super fun and it was nice to get out of the house and not just sit there all day. Me and Haley got matching dresses and we both bought swimsuits and sunglasses. We went to Chili's afterwards. I love their chips and salsa! I ordered chicken crispers with fries and a side of mashed potatoes, lol. I ate maybe 2 fries and all of my mashed potatoes, but I didn't even touch the chicken crispers. My tongue and throat were hurting and I didn't think I could eat them cause they were crunchy... But I had strawberry lemonade and that was really yummy. We sat by the bar and there were super wasted guys hitting on the girls sitting at the table next to us. It was kind of funny to watch them... I don't know why you would want to be drunk. Stupid. But I had so much fun! I love the Murray's. They are my 2nd family.
drivin home.

hotel room. :P

My stunnah shades ;P

New Necklace :)

Hay an her stunnah shades ;)
Don't have anything else to say really. I dont have chemo until the day after Easter. :) And Abbie and Rory come home the 21st for GOOD!!! Finalllyyyyyy :) I've missed them so much. And they can make me some of  Rory's yummy Cambodian recipes ;)
Well I'll try and not take so long to write again.