Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sorry this is an old post that I never finished writing :)

I'm @ Primary Children's yet again for chemo. I've been here since Thursday. (It's Saturday.)
My mom said I should upload my blog and she's right. /: It's been a looonggg time. I don't even remember when I wrote last. And I don't update my twitter as much as I should.

I went to the last week of school. It was nice to see my friends again. I hadn't seen them in a really long time. On the Friday before my surgery (May 16) I still had my feeding tube in and some people looked at me funny but I just ignored it. At least I could WALK then. On the last week I had to be in my wheelchair. Anyway... I got there kind of late and a lot of people were at Lagoon for Physics. But I saw my girls and a few others and that's all that matters :)

So then on May 16th I had my surgery. We left at 5:00 to go to PCMC because we had to be there by 6. My surgery started at 7:30. Here are some pre-surgery pics.
Me and Daddy :)

My awesome doctor Dr. Scott :)
The surgery was harder than I thought it was going to be. My leg was in pain pretty much the whole time. I had a button that I could push every 10 minutes and it would give me morphine. I literally would wait until the little light would turn green because that meant I could push the button. But my scar has healed really good. I took a picture of it a few weeks ago and it looks even better now. Here's the pic:
Pretty nasty eh?

My summer has been pretty boring. I had my first round of chemo since my surgery about 3 weeks ago. This one was called Cis Platin and Doxirubbussin. They kick my buttttt. I get home and throw up for a couple days or so and then I usually feel pretty good. But when my counts come down to zero I ALWAYS get a fever and I have to come back to the hospital because fever's are really dangerous for me? I don't know... My mom knows more about the fevers than I do. I just go with the flow... Anyway, so I came in with a fever the week after chemo on a Friday and stayed until Wednesday. I threw up EVERYTHING I ate until like Tuesday. It pretty much sucked. And I HATE being in the hospital for that long. The only upside is that I don't have to get up every 2 hours to pee. Ha.

When I got home, my counts were STILL at zero. Lindsay had her baby shower on Thursday and that was pretty fun. She got TONS of cute stuff and it made me a million times more excited for baby Olivia to come! I'm gonna be over there EVERYDAY (when I'm not in chemo) to help Linds out.

On Monday I went to a ceramic making place in Ogden with my mom and Lindsay. And I was home alone so I decided that I might as well put makeup on, wear something cute, and "do my hair" (aka put my wig on haha). And of course, I took pictures :P And I was listening to music pretty loud when I was taking them. I was on the edge of my bed facing the window and my mom walked in. Scared the crap out of me! This was the picture I was taking when she walked in:
Here's some other pictures I took:
I like this one :)

I don't usually do a horizontal picture, Thought I'd try it out.

Weird smile and my neck looks kinda creepy?!

Care Bear and Selena Gomez, lol

I don't know.

Kinda like this one, minus Selena /:

XOXO :* (that's a kissy face)

I like this one (:

looking out the window

don't like my smile in this one


I don't know why but I really like this picture. :)

This one too (:
Ha now that I'm done uploading pictures of me.

We went to the ceramic place and we walked in, sat down at a table and it had paint brushes, a bowl of water and little ceramic bowls filled with paint. Whatever color the little bowl was, was the color of paint in it. They had blue red, yellow, white, brown, black, purple, green, pink. They also gave us a mug that we were going to paint. We could do whatever we wanted with the mug. I had NO idea what I was going to do. So I went over to the box of stencils and picked out cute letters and dots. So I painted mine white and then put on the dots like polka dots like a rainbow (red,yellow,blue,purple,green) and then my name. So I was really concentrated on my painting when the song Baby by Justin Bieber came on and 2 girls came in with balloons and they had their hoods up like gangsters and they started singing this song but they changed the words so it was about my shopping spree wish being granted. :) It was sooo embarrassing but it was really nice and I got a good laugh out of it.
Reading the 'official paper' ;)

The balloons.

Gangsters :P


Me n Lindsay
So i'm wayyyy overdue for this post and I don't feel like finishing it. I wrote this a way long time ago and I don't really know what i've written. :) Oh well. I guess we'll find out once I post it!