Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Got Gadgets and Gizmos a Plenty!

hey everyone. this blog is gonna be short but im on my new KINDLE. How awesome is that??? Pretty awesome if i do say so myself (:
I got it from my cousin Teri that lives in Colorado. She also sent me a Nintendo DSi. Which i think is awesome! It even has a camera. (:
Annnnnnd another thing. Remember that video camera i was talking about? Well my beehive leader Nikki George got me one!
Thanks everyone!!! I love you.
My mom thinks im spoiled. What do you think? (:

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Have You Blogged Yet?"

My mom keeps asking if I've updated. My answer is usually "No but I'll do it later." HA.
Later. That's an understatement. :)
Sorry for the delay, yet again. I know some of you want to know everything that has been going on but I never feel like blogging about it.

I'm in the hospital yet again, for my 2nd round of chemo. I get to go home tomorrow! Yay! :)
This chemo is called Methotrexate ? and it's SO much better than the Doxirubisin and cis Platin (I have no idea how to spell those). I still got kind of nauseas but I actually threw up instead of holding it all in. That was the most miserable part of the D & cP chemo. NAUSEA. And I COULDN'T throw up. It was horrible.
But the Metho. was good. Which is good. :)
I have to come back in again on Thursday for my 3rd round, the same M chemo. I'm gonna have to invest in some hobby to do while I'm in the hospital. It gets kind of boring. Time flies by fast when I'm asleep which is usually what I do while I'm here.

Yesterday was a really good day for me. I took a little nap and one of my favorite nurses Monica came in and said "Maddie. There's a boy here to see you." I immediately shot up and was like "What? A boy? Oh shoot. I look like crap." So my mom told Monica to give me a minute to wake up. What boy could be coming to see me? None other than my BEST friend Josh Barber. I was so nervous. I told my mom "Is he really here? I'm really nervous mom. What do I say?"
Apparently Josh was as nervous as I was. It wasn't even that bad. Him and his mom had put together a bag of stuff for me, filled with books, bubbles, play dough and a Veggie Tales coloring book. :) It was so nice.
Josh would occasionally catch my eye and we'd both smile. He is the greatest friend I've ever had.
Isn't he the cutest? :)
My parents were so embarrassing. And Josh was embarrassed by his mom. But that's what parents are for right? To embarrass us? :)
I love Josh. And his mom is so nice. She wrote about me in one of her blog posts. Me and my mom read it and just cried. It was really sweet. I'm glad I have such great people in my life. I'm blessed to have Josh as my best friend and I'll always be greatful for him, and for his mom.
When they left my mom said
"You should marry him." Haha. Awkward?

I walked around the hospital for a bit today. It felt good to get out of my room. It gets clostrophobic sometimes in there. I was in my room on my laptop writing stuff while my mom got in the shower and Monica walked in to take my vitals and she was said "What are you doing? Homework?"
I hesitated. "No... I'm uh, writing a story." Haha. Don't know why but i've felt very author-ish lately. So far I have 3 chapters in my "book". :P
I decided that I want to get a "Flip". It's like a mini video camera. There is a show 'Good Luck Charlie' on Disney Channel. It's about a teenager who like films her little sister Charlie's life so that she can watch it when she's older. You know how you never really remember very much from your childhood? I'm kind of wanting to do that for Lindsay's baby. She's having a girl. :) They're pretty set on the name Olivia. I. LOVE. IT. I'm going to call her Livi. I can't wait until she's born. She's going to be adorable.
We're in this "private room" right now watching Rory's game. I'm gonna go now. I'll try and blog again soon. (:
G'night errryybody! <3

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Somebody To Love

Justin Drew Bieber. <3 He's just adorable. Love his music <3

Matthew McConaughey. He's just beautiful. <3

Logan Henderson<3 He has the cutest smile! From Big Time Rush.

Taylor Lautner. He's just hot. And has a hot body... Hahah. :)
Paul Wesley<3 From Vampire Diaries; He's just mysterious looking :) Love it.

There's so many other hot guys. But I think these are my top...5?
I'm in a good mood today. I guess. :)
I'm sick of being home. I wish I could go to school. If my blood counts are high then I might be able to go tomorrow.. Who knows? I hope I can go soon. I miss my friends a lot. It's really hard not seeing them everyday.
Sitting at home all the time gets old... /:
Alright well... I think I'm gonna go now.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


hey guys(: its me. I just got the internet yesterday on my phone and i am SO excited! I can blog from my phone now, like when im in the hospital and stuff. Which is pretty cool. So this is my first mobile post! Sorry its gonna be short and just kind of pointless but you'll just have to deal with it. :) Today i am going to be at one of my young womens leaders house because she's styling my hair and i think my makeup too... then we're going to her friends house in Kaysville to do a photoshoot thing,sorta, for my leader, Jenny's website. :) I think all the young women are doing it but i get to be first. ;) Im excited! But not sure what to wear. hmmm... (: Well i think im gonna watch Aladdin on my laptop. Talk to y'all later! < 3