Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas and the New Year!

I'm just gonna post some Christmas pictures and then talk about the new year :)
Christmas Eve; traditional pictures

Christmas Eve; traditional pictures

Christmas Eve; traditional pictures
Family Picture :)

Christmas Eve; traditional pictures
Christmas Eve; traditional pictures

Wivia ;)

I wub her

Livi's first present

Caught Tom kissin her head. Aww precious ;)

Haha love the look on her face!


She was more interested in the paper

Jaden opening my present :P

Doesn't he have the cutest smile? :)

Opening his gift!

It's a necklace! :D

Us girls


This is the necklace Jaden gave me. I wear it EVERYDAY!
Sweet action! The bike i got. (Can't ride it yet.)

Thaaat's attractive. 

New dress, awh.

Livi's cute new do!

Happy New Year everybody. :)
It's officially 2012!
Around this time last year was when my knee started to feel worse and worse. Near the end of this month was when I saw an orthopedic surgeon and got my MRI.
Now, I'm pushing the physical therapy as much as possible. I thought that P.T. would make my knee hurt more than it usually does and that I would have to take medicine to stop the pain, but P.T. actually makes my knee feel much better.
I actually went to Temple Square with Jaden and his family on Sunday and I walked around just fine. I'm starting to walk better than I used to. I walk a little faster everyday.
RED and BLUE (our favorite colors)

Temple :)

Seeing eye to eye. Serious faces.

Yeah, my boyfriend is cute. :)

"Lucky i'm in love with my best friend." ♥
New years eve and new years day were both really good days! Me and Jaden went to dinner with my family at Maddox on New years eve. Jaden had NEVER been! I thought that was crazy. ;) Anyways.. we had Olivia sitting in her carseat on this holder thingy and this cute chinese lady walked up and was talking to her and saying "Oh she so cute!" and stuff. Jaden didn't know the lady worked there and he thought she was just some random lady. Hahaha. It was pretty funny. We had a good laugh.

Olivia's first baby food. CARROTS

she didnt like them very much

"ew mom!"

I love her :)


"PLEASE daddy!"
Then Tom was holding Olivia and he went to take a drink of his pepsi and Olivia started grabbing it. She gets cuter everyday!
All in all, this year has started out really good and I have a feeling it will just get better and better. :)
I'm done for now. I'll write some other time!